• Current location: Manila, going to Delhi Monday 11 June
  • 2644 days on the road
  • 23 countries visited
  • 140 people donated

I bike it, you bank it!

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  • Start: Amsterdam
  • Finish: Singapore
  • 65.000 euro
  • 59.555 euro raised
  • 16.150 euro cycled


The Fund

I’m cycling for two good causes: a children’s hospital in Bhaktapur, Nepal (that provides free health care) and an infant’s school being built in Manila, Philippines. Both the hospital and the school are supported by Dutch foundations: Noble House and Young Focus respectively. They do a whole lot more besides the projects I’m cycling for!

I spent quite some time searching and researching for good causes to support between Amsterdam and Singapore, I finally decided on these because:

  1. they both work with children,
  2. they are both supported by foundations founded by inspiring, engaging people that actually make a difference. They touch lives positively!
  3. they are both relatively small, so not a single ‘cent’ or ‘penny’ of your donation is going to be wasted on administration or overheads etc... Everything goes directly into the projects.
  4. they both are in countries that I really really, really wanted to visit!… Wink