• Current location: Manila, going to Delhi Monday 11 June
  • 2644 days on the road
  • 23 countries visited
  • 140 people donated

I bike it, you bank it!

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  • Start: Amsterdam
  • Finish: Singapore
  • 65.000 euro
  • 59.555 euro raised
  • 16.150 euro cycled

The Racer

My name is Bart de Vries, a.k.a. “The Fundracer”.

On this site you can read about my bicycle trip from Amsterdam to Singapore for which I will depart on Saturday the 17th of September 2011, 11:00 in the morning! No public transport is allowed to be used during the trip (except for the occasional boat since I am not much of an underwater cyclist). Aside from the sheer adventure of it, I am making this journey to support a children’s hospital in Nepal and school in Manila, both of which are projects that have been selected and checked by two renowned Dutch foundations (ANBI status).

This is how it works: I can only travel as far as the distance that has been donated. One kilometre costs a single euro and the total distance to be covered is a whopping 25,000 kilometres! By donating toward the distance I have to cycle, you can also become part of this trip, so please help me travel to Singapore by bike!

Every euro donated will go directly to these projects, for which many ‘eager-to-learn’ school kids in Manila and unborn babies, pregnant mothers and Nepali children will be very grateful!
Have fun looking around this site!

Warm Regards,

Bart de Vries a.k.a. The Fundracer.

A lot of people are wondering if you have ever really cycled?
No, not really.

Excuse me?
Not really.

But.. You are cycling to Singapore right? From Amsterdam? A huge trip? On a bike?
Yes. I am cycling to Singapore. On a bike. It’s a long trip indeed.

Some people think you aren’t gonna make it. What do you have to say to them?
Well. That’s fine with me. As long as they do want to support me and donate some of the distance I have to overcome, I don’t care if they think I’m not even able to cycle out of Holland. Or if they think I am the president of the USA.

All right. Can you tell us something about yourself please?
Sure. My name is Bart de Vries. I’m 29 years old and I live in Amsterdam. By the time I will leave for Singapore by the way, I’ll be 30. I studied geology there, but I now work for a bank. I have been working there for a couple years now, but I was ready for “a new challenge” as they say. And not just a career move, but something which was a little more, well… let’s say something that meant a little more. Besides that, I had been having plans for a trip round the world for a long time too. So when the time came that I was ready for a new step in my life, I wondered if could combine these things. A friend of mine; “Ente Groot” cycled from Amsterdam to Capetown in that time. And as soon as I heard this I immediately knew what I wanted to do. I wanted to cycle too!

Why Singapore and not for instance.. Brussels?
Well. It just sound really far away. And when you go via Nepal, like I’m intending to do, you get to travel through the Himalaya area, which is quite elevated so I heard. And because of my geologic background, I am really looking forward to this! Also when you cross such a distance from West to East you will experience so many cultures and meet so many people. I think that’s going to be very exiting. All that: and I’ve already been in Brussels once.

Right. Can you tell me why you specifically chose these two projects to cycle for: A hospital in Nepal and a school in Manila?
I’d like to tell that I have been travelling through Nepal and to the Philippines and that I saw so much pain and misery and that I wanted to help out etc. etc. But I can’t. I have never been there. Other people have had these experiences though. And they can tell you about that a whole lot better than I can. Read their stories under the “The Fund” tab! I just heard about these people’s experiences and wanted to help others out. I have a lot of respect for people that don’t just go with the crowd, but actually stand up, challenge themselves, and take initiative to do something about the problems they face. In the case of the hospital in Bhaktapur, Nepal, this is the case with the founder, Shyam that took up the challenge of starting his own hospital in his hometown after the sad loss of his son, Siddha who couldn’t be saved because there was simply no hospital nearby! In the case of the Philipine school it is all the children there, that live on a huge garbage dump. Each day they are fighting and struggling to get by. Through the “Young Focus” foundation they are trying to built a better life for themselves and their relatives by studying hard at school and try to get a diploma so they don’t have to keep on collecting plastics or metals or other rubbish, working on the same dump their parents had to work on…

Is there anyone in specific you would like to thank?
I would like to thank Engely Versteeg and Paul van Wijgerden who are the founders of Noble House and Young Focus resp. They have helped me building this website and are of course my allies in reaching my ultimate goal: EUR 25k before I get to Singapore! Furthermore Charotte Aal, who made this site look so pretty and who did so much more than I asked her for. Also without knowing it, Ente helped me decide what I wanted to do and how I wanted to do it when he got up on his bike to cycle to Capetown. When he did this I thought: if he can do this, I sure can as well (that’s a joke Ente)! His especially gripping stories were inspiring! Furthermore everyone from the auction team with which I will organise a big auction due June 2011. Donald, the director of the homepage clip of this website, who offered his really professional services when I met him in a Tshirt store. Mario the Cameraman and editor. And last but not least my beautiful girlfriend Maddalena, who is so incredibly supportive of me, wanting to execute this plan.