• Current location: Manila, going to Delhi Monday 11 June
  • 2644 days on the road
  • 23 countries visited
  • 140 people donated

I bike it, you bank it!

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  • Start: Amsterdam
  • Finish: Singapore
  • 65.000 euro
  • 59.555 euro raised
  • 16.150 euro cycled

Auction Items

Er zijn geen vertalingen beschikbaar.

1. Barber Allesio & Make up artist Kim
2. Wakeboardclinic with our own World Champion Denise de Haan (up to 4 pers.)
3. Three hour boat ride with catering of café Binnen Buiten and a waitress (up to 20 pers.)
4. Wijnimport Nelis’ amazing wine tasting experience (up to 10 pers.)
5. Emotional intelligence training by Faasen training and coaching (up to 15 pers.)
6. Training Sport City with personal trainer Marius (up to 5 pers.)
7. Cook Bart Nijhout (up to 8 pers.)
8. Yoga lessons with your (girl)friends (up to 8 pers.)
9. Leather Robe by new fashion label èF!
10. Carola, Frederique and Anne Nore, our 3 single ladies
11. Band: Trio Sfeerbeheer
12. Martin, Sander & David, our 3 single men
13. Self defence and balance; Aikido seminar (up to 15 pers.)
14. Exclusive customised champagne boat trip (up to 6 pers.)
15. Appartment in Bergen, Norway, for a relaxing weekend (up to 4 pers.)
16. Stencil art painting by Lisette van Basten
17. The Red Light Dinner Boys (up to 5 pers.)
18. Lientje Heijer, for a professional photo serie of your event / portret
19. Lottery: 3 course dinner in restaurant SenT, massages and more